About Marmalade Skateboards

Ok so you'd usually get a load of jaw flapping, trying to big up a company in the 'About Us' pages on most websites, well...as you've probably noticed from our website so far...we don't like to do what everyone else is doing!

That's why we think pictures speak louder than words. So have a gander at our pictorial history of the boards designs etc we have produced over the years! Hopefully you find it just a little interesting at worst!? If not then there's a little piece of your life you'll never get back! Enjoy...hopefully!? ;0)

Circa 1999
Circa 2000
Circa 2002
Circa 2002a
Circa 2003a
Circa 2004
Circa 2006
Circa 2006a
Circa 2007
Circa 2007a
Circa 2011
Circa 2008
Circa 2008a
Circa 2012
Watch this space